XFS Global structures are built to last, meeting IBC 2021 values for high winds, snow load, and durability in the most extreme environment conditions. Our tents allow for tailor-made sizing and design to meet your aviation storage needs with the capability to add HVAC systems, lighting, flooring, and secure doors.

Our products have proven performance worldwide and are the ideal solution for immediate shelter use in any environment. These American-made structured tents are suitable to use as aircraft hangars or helicopter maintenance facilities due to their clear span design and robust engineering.

Interoperable and modular designs allow our structures to expand with your storage needs. Discover durable, airplane tents as small as 20 feet to widths at 200 feet.

Expands when you need to expand


Our XFACTOR FASTRACK structures are perfect for use within the aviation industry. XFS Global shelters can meet your needs and business operations around the globe with quick installations and minor equipment to install anywhere in the world. With a modular design, your structure investment gives you the flexibility you need to increase capacity when you need it.

Build a hanger or maintenance facility with XFACTOR aviation tents.