XFS Global is the “it” factor for mission specific military and defense applications. We lead the industry in providing our warfighters with BERRY compliant, rapidly deployable, modularly configured shelters that deliver safe, reliable, and ready to operate solutions for every mission – our shelters can be used as billeting and storage to sunshades and hangars for aircrafts.

MH6M up to the C-5 Super Galaxy
Tents Fit MH6M Aircraft up to a C-5 Super Galaxy Aircraft Icon Size Comparison

Our expeditionary shelters are field-proven even in the most extreme environments and conditions with the use of dual-layered airpocket technology to provide insulation and comfort within our structures. XFS Global shelters are actively serving as mobile dining facilities, warehouses, maintenance facilities, command centers, classrooms, medical facilities, offices, and training/fitness facilities around the world.



Designed to withstand
austere, hostile
environments, because
you operate in austere,
hostile environments.