The perfect solution for industrial requirements is the XFS Global XFACTOR FASTRACK® designed to meet the needs of business operations around the globe. This product line accelerates expeditionary operations with quick installations and very little equipment to install anywhere it is needed. Deployment options include remote field camps for construction, marinas, mining, oil & gas, agriculture and environmental needs. Our shelters are ideal for maintenance, storage and warehousing needs or commercial business office space.

XFS Global can meet your needs anywhere in the world

With our patented technology, our modular shelter systems can grow with your operation. XFACTOR FASTRACK shelters employ interoperable parts and configuration options to change and scale as your needs change.

Expands when you need to expand

Your structure investment allows flexibility to increase capacity. Our wide range of accessories and configurations are tailored to the needs of your industry and include full width doors, insulating airpocket-liners, electrical systems, lighting and flooring solutions.

Shelter systems for mobile base camps with functionality designed into them.