XFS Global manufactures modern, sleek and innovative engineered fabric shelters designed to meet worldwide requirements for structural stability and protection from natural forces. Designed with industry-leading engineering our relocatable shelters can withstand winds up to 164 mph. Our XFS Global commercial tents can secure private jets, house sporting events, host weddings, cover pools, store equipment, and shelter concert venuesXFS Global shelter systems are flexible, scalable, and can be installed virtually anywhere on any surface – no foundation required.

Our ready to operate solutions include everything from lighting, heating, audio, and visual capabilities to innovative flooring options. Upgrades and accessories can be added to create beautiful details such as gable ends, window options, decorative liners, clear fabric options, floors, glass walls, and more.

Your structure investment allows flexibility to increase capacity. Our goal is to provide a fully customizable, scalable platform that meets your shelter, branding, and stylization needs, in a product that is easy to set-up to enhance and create the best experience for you and your customers.

Designed for
wind and snow

Portable and relocatable

or permanent

Safe and easy
to set-up


Tents are ordinary. We craft Xtraordinary, highly engineered, state-of-the-art shelter systems.