Sports & Recreation

From soccer fields to ice rinks, XFS Global tents are our ready to operate solution to bring outdoor sports indoors. Our structures come in various sizes from 80 feet to 130 feet, offering shade and cover for pools and water sports, workout classes, mixed martial arts tournaments, or ground activities like soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and beyond.

Our shelters can easily extend your playing season. Discover upgrade options to support any indoor sports facility design needs including lighting for evening and night games, heating and cooling for year-round use, and speciality sport court flooring for specific sport activities.

Each structure is custom-fit, certified by the highest standards of design and engineering, made in the USA, easy to install, and serviced by XFS Global. Our shelters are the ideal choice for any personal use or team sport.

XFACTOR FASTRACK® for Sports & Recreation

Our tent structures are designed for use as semi-permanent or permanent facilities, and private or community and competitive programs. Our shelters are easy to install, meet all safety requirements through sound engineering, and can efficiently create expansive spaces to shelter all the ways you play.

Our structures were the chosen provider for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.