XFS Global produces cost-efficient semi-permanent tent structures to support the warehousing and storage needs for decontamination, recycling, waste management, pollution containment, and remediations. Our shelters have been engineered with the ability to withstand mother natures harshest conditions with the capability to be built on any surface.

Our structures feature a clear span interior which optimizes storage space for square footage and volume. Modularly designed, interoperable parts offer vast configuration options and the capability to expand and increase capacity as needed.

Expands when you need to expand

XFS Global industrial storage tents can keep materials, equipment, and staff safe from lightning and the elements like heavy wind and snow to prevent delays, damage, and hazards. Maintain circulation or a controlled environment with customized accessories and upgrades such as doors, walls, insulated airpocket-liners, HVAC systems, lighting, floors, and more.

XFACTOR FASTRACK® for Environmental Industries

XFACTOR FASTRACK industrial structures are designed to meet business operation needs around the globe. Our structures ensure your operations can commence uninterrupted. XFS Global shelters require minimal equipment and manpower to install making them the ideal and economical option for temporary storage and permanent industrial warehousing.

Our shelters are an ideal and economical option for storage.