Erect boat shelters quickly and expand capacity with an innovative, modular design and interoperable parts that allow for various configuration options. Our structure have no foundational requirements, making it ideal for set-up on docks, gravel, concrete, sand or grass.

We recommend our XFACTOR FASTRACK® series for commercial marinas and personal marine use. Our structures perform and endure in all conditions, including 90mph winds, heavy snow load, and fluctuating temperatures

Choose from a wide range of accessories to optimize your watercraft storage including, full width or roll up doors, lighting, insulating airpocket-liners, electrical systems, and more.

XFACTOR FASTRACK for the Marine Industry

XFS Global heavy-duty structures make the ideal boat storage building or dock cover. Our structures require minimal equipment and manpower to install, allowing you to quickly and efficiently set-up your boat cover in no time.

Optimize your watercraft storage with a range of accessories.