Oil & Gas

XFS Global products offer the best value by delivering innovative, durable fabric structure solutions to our industrial customers in the oil and gas industry. Leaders in these spaces have turned to XFS Global to provide semi-permanent tent structures designed for rapid installation.

Our modular structures made in the USA employ interoperable parts to offer vast configuration options. Erect dynamic industrial tent systems quickly with the flexibility to expand and increase capacity as needed. XFS Global industrial tent structures have no foundational requirements allowing them to be built on any surface.

Expands when you need to expand

Outfit your heavy duty industrial canopy shelter with choice accessories and upgrades including but not limited to roll up doors, insulated airpocket-liners, HVAC systems, lighting, floors, solar batteries, and electrical distribution kits.

XFACTOR FASTRACK® for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our XFACTOR FASTRACK industrial structures are designed to meet business operations around the globe. XFS Global shelters requires minimum equipment and manpower to install. These shelter systems are ideal for remote camps, team housing, equipment storage, and operational command spaces.

Our shelters are ideal for remote camps and locations.